July 9th, 2011

i luv Johnnys



Can a saturday beginn better than watching an episode of Torchwood? XD

My first two days at work were really nice!! Although I was so stressed out!

But everybody is very informal (Alle dutzen sich!) even the CEO comes by and ask how you are doing. They are all really really welcoming. Even the founder Monika Hauser, who got the Right Livelihood Award (auch Alternativer Nobelpreis genannt) came by and welcomed me. (Und hat mir auch das Du angeboten!!)

AND thebest thing is we have two office dogs!!! Chili and Oscar :D So sometimes they come by and want to play with you :D So cute!!! :D

And since we are only women in the organisation the mens toilet is the smoking area lol I had to laugh so bad XD

Its too bad that I am overqualified for the job :// I have a contract for 2 years but I think of it as an entry-level-job :) So far I am very satisfied with everything.
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