July 4th, 2011

i luv Johnnys

In a good mood~

Since yesterday I am playing the new Arashi Album on repeat ^^

It has been a while since i really listened to a full Arashi Album... but I really love this album ^^ It has a lot of catchy happy songs and I really like Juns and Ohnos Solo Songs. Another favourite is Joy, Morning Light and niji no kakera.

I even put it on when I hung out with my flatmate, normally I stop playing japanese music when we sit together (I dont know why^^)

Today I went on a big shopping spree..... I bought so many Shirts.... and a very beautiful scarf *___* Currently I love wearing scarfs.... although I normally don't like to wear Accessories..... I could have bought a lot more scarfs. The only thing I still need are new shoes, so I am thinking about trying Zalando.de. Has someone already experience with ordering at Zalando??

Tomorrow I will visit the hairdresser and get a little bit of color in my hair and a cut :D In the evening a friend visits me and we finally watch Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows Part 1 on DVD ^^ Yay for a DVD evening :D
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    Arashi - Joy